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About me

  • I like to make cheap cyberpunk references and enjoy far-fetched puns.
  • I have been around since 1999, mostly by nights.
  • I (think i still) am the main developer for Dinah.

A few words of advice (draft)

off my decade, 10 cyberarmy advices you already know:

  • It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. no point, really.
  • Focus on delivering user experience, the rest can wait.
  • Symbols and folklore are much more important than you think they are.
  • "Convenience will prime" shall always be part of your plan.
  • Most major cyberarmy milestones were achieved by a single champion.
  • InfoSec is the mother of all IT skills, never let get marginalized.
  • Consensus is somewhere between a double edged sword and a timed bomb.
  • Make sure to maintain an incentive to experiment at all times. (ie: not getting caught)
  • Actively avoid being involved into more than one sub/project.
  • Being nice is counterproductive, courteously focus on your added value.