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About Me

I'm a 24 year old photography student currently studying at the University for the Creative Arts. I have a background in web design, web development, systems and network administration.

I joined CyberArmy sometime in late 1999/early 2000 - though I had been following the website from an earlier date. I achieved the rank of Lieutenant Kernel in the Zebulun heydays, after the rank reset I achieved Major after 6 years. Currently I'm retired from the community, though I'm not adverse to lending a hand when time permits. I can be found on IRC (occasionally) in #io #sers and #xkill.

Current Projects

[=HS=] Clan: An Urban Terror gaming clan.
RiftNET: A SciFi-based blogging/reviewing community with an IRC network.
Devoid Of Sanity: My online portfolio, consisting of doodles and dark/gritty imagery.