Operation Blackcat

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Operation Blackcat

The term has been coined by User:Zerhash to describe the direction for the post-apocalypse.

See Losses Assessment for a more accurate description of the situation.

Phase I (done)

  • We have relocated to a new hosting facility, with raid-10 storage and extra backup space.
  • Most basic services such as dns, www and mail are operational again.
  • We have setup a microblog and a wiki to start organizing things for Phase II.

Phase II

Phase 2 is currently being discussed in small ad-hoc groups, within and outside the staff.

Seems to be the perfect timing to bring up that pet idea of yours.. again :)

Watch this space for new, and hopefully not too fishy, initiatives over the next week.

As a result, we have drafted a set of general lines (with rough wording) we would like to get feedback on:

  • We need a breath of air regarding the constraints/implication of ranks: reset ranks.
  • We want to go federated and distributed, more space for everyone to operate, without impeding on other, or jeopardizing critical resources: support whoever wants to run his own ca server.
  • As a byproduct of the above, everyone should be responsible for cyberarmy: reset closed official groups, such as staff. for instance.
  • Community vision and technical development shall follow that same pattern. technical cooperation shall grow organically, if any: go ad-hoc, both code/features, and community wise.
  • Maintain common communication and network resources, in a hope to keep ties as close as possible: maintain federated cooperation.

See Operation_Blackcat/Logs#22/02/2010 for detailed logs.

Feedback is welcome, try Operation Blackcat/Ideas

Next discussion will be in a week from now, Monday the 1st of March 2010.

Following on from the meeting on the 1st of March 2010, we have agreed to the following:

  • No particular weaknesses were outlined for the "the cyberarmy is the network" model, only cool ideas: we still need to delve into the technical aspects however.
  • We agreed that there is no particular need for explicit leadership at the network level: the model of a Network Staff was deemed to be more appropriate and seems to be good starting point.

See Operation Blackcat/Logs#01/03/2010

We still need your input on all of the above, and the Operation Blackcat/Mission Statement in particular.

Next discussion will be in a week from now,Monday the 8th of March 2010, ~1930 UTC

Following the meeting on 08/03/2010, further details of possible, decentralised implementations are available at the discussion page.